Action Arthritis

Projects Funded


Funding made by Action Arthritis since 2000.

Professor Ian Clark (UEA) A study with Leeds University looking at clinical
outcome of knee pain in mild arthritis of patients given Broccoli based
supplements – £ 71,410.76
Max Yates (NIHR Clinical Lecturer – Norfolk and Norwich Hospital) travel /
conference (OMERACT) – £700

Toby Smith, Physiotherapist (UEA) travel/conference grant – £2000
Professor Ian Clark (UEA) Dupuytrens research – £15,000
Dr Donnie Cameron (UEA) ‘Characterisation of skeletal muscle changes in
inflammatory arthritis using novel magnetic resonance methods’ – £9524.04

Graham Riley. The design and invitro validation of scaffolds for tendon regeneration and repair. £15,140.00

Ian Clark. PhD studentship bench fee support for Dr. Lingzi Nui. ( knockout mice). £5000 per year for 2 years.

Other grants
Carol Payne. EUSSER study day in Milan for shoulder pain. £200.

Simon Donell. Functional analysis of a Homeobox Gene mutation that causes Dysplastic Joints. £3446.00

Ian Clark. Knockout mice for the study of cartilage and tendon pathology. £20,041.00

Callum O’Neil. To determine in sportsmen how varying energy intake and suuplementation with vitamin D affects the metabolite concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3, 25-dihyroxyvitamin D3 and 24 dihdroxyvitamin D3. £6000.

Rebecca Clifford. Identifying the differences between pathogenic strains and skin commensals of coagulase negative Staphylococci. £3000.

Rachel Turley. What is the impact of chronic arthritis on access to healthcare for older people experiencing social isolation. £6000.

September 2014
Graham Riley, UEA. £14000. 3D printed biomaterials for treatment of tendon injuries.

Iain MacNamara, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. £9000. Research programmed activities for the Department of Trauma & Orthopaedics at Norfolk and Norwich University NHS Hospital.

September 2013
Dr. Michael Pfeil. Researcher. £5961.00. Explore the experiences of children in Norfolk with Hypermobility.

February 2012
Alex McGregor Researcher £10,500 Population study of hypermobility in 2 GP practices in Norfolk.

Prof Ian Clark researcher £20,000 over 4 yrs. A complementary in vitro and in vivo approach to uncovering the cartilage protecting effects of diet in OA.

January 2011
Dr. Jelena Gavrilovic Researcher £9,966 Can neuropeptides regulate metalloproteinase in chondrocytes.

May 2010
Carol Payne physio £600 2 conference fees.
Miss Bastard plaster tech. £1,500 plastering course.

January 2010
Toby Smith physio £3,310 VMO function.

October 2009
Rupert Talboys medical student £200 management of hip fractures.
Toby Smith physio £1,100 Tuition fees £1,778.50 Patella-femoral joint observations.

September 2009
Toby Smith physio £506

January 2009
Toby Smith physio £825 Tuition fees for PhD

November 2008
Toby Smith Physio £500 Physio management of patella dislocation.

July 2008
Charlotte Davis OT £6,450 Outcomes of THR and TKR.
Emma Southwell plaster tech. £1,775 casting tech. course.

April 2008
Dr. Jelena Gavrilovic Researcher £8,509 Does a hypoxic environment regulate metalloproteinase expression in chondrocytes.

November 2007
Toby Smith physio £2,790 Does knee proprioception alter following med.PF lig. reconstruction.

October 2007
Ben Olivere othopod trainee £5,000 consumables research ostolysis in joint replacement.
Oday Al-Dahah othopod trainee £3,500 Equipment. ACL- Stressed MRI and proprioception analysis project.
Vicky Easton physio £400 Paed. foot conference.
Toby Smith physio £1,650 AHP Research degree.

June 2007
Prof. Clark researcher £3,200 Eliza kit and antibodies
Richard Watts researcher £4,000 the population prevalence and incident of vascultisis in UK.
Alex McGregor researcher £5,000 Priorities for care of patients with RA.
Carol Payne physio £1,8000 research which outcomes are important to patients following treatment for shoulder pain.

November 2006
A. Chojnowski Orthopaedic Surgeon £1000 De la Caffiniere research.

September 2005
P.Johnson Researcher £14,5000 Gene profiling of matrix metalloproteinases in Dupuytren`s.
G. Riley researcher £5,000 cell responses to mechanical strain using TTCS.

April 2005
A.McGregor Researcher £18,500 review of the genetics of OA.
D.Larson OT £412 Hand therapy team and patient education
A. Toms Radiologist £4,000 imaging femoral sulcus.

November 2004
M.Swindells Jn. doctor £430 Driving braking time.

December 2003
C. Hing Othopod £2,112.95 Critical appraisal course for IDL licence.
N.Spalding 0T £978 to transcribe tapes
Ms. Gliding nurse £125 course
Ms. Leeder nurse £125 course
M.Costa Orthopaedic Surgeon £2,000 Tendo-Achilles research.

March 2001
D. Bunn Physio £457 fees for MsC.
M.Costa Othopod £4,624.16 research Orthotics for Tendo-Achilles.
J.Price Researcher £3,500 Freezer unit for cartilage research.
D.Kay Podiatrist £350 Summer School.
C. Payne Physio £380 course.
M. Mohsen-Bandepei Physio £710 to present a paper in Canada on back pain.

September 2000
Lee Shepston Researcher £1,027 to present a paper at the American college of Rheumatologists.
Lee Shepstone Researcher £2000 reseach on OA knees.
G. Goats Physio £775 Acupuncture course.
L. O`Driscoll Physio £273 to present a poster at USA conference.

April 2000
J. Critchley. Physio £237 a course.
D. Halliday. Physio £237 a course.
M. Logan. Nurse £75 a course.
J.Waters. Nurse £75 a course
G.Goats Physio £500 a course.
Ms. Harrold Physio £1,500 a course
Chris Blundell Orthopaedic Surgeon £6,000 research, knee aligment following TKR.

Gift Aid

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